Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thought I'd show a face...

...In a way.

I understand there hasn't been a post on this blog in a long time. I think, in the mental condition I was in at the time, it became the wrong thing for me to do, and it's still probably something I should keep to some sort of limit. I understand you guys want to read about hypnosis, much the same as I would if I read a blog titled "Hypno Musings", but I can't promise lots and lots of posts or lots and lots of details. To be honest, I was considering just closing this blog, but thought against it since the history kept in this blog is kind of an insight into my life and the different events and changes that have happened (plus there are some posts that I still enjoy reading in *many* different ways).

First of all, I'll give a little update into the life of me in the past 12 months. I found a girl, and seem to have lost her again through a web of intricate difficulties that have baffled me more than one could imagine. My car was wrote off, but replaced with a shiny new (ish) one, ready for any hypnotic antics my future self may indulge in. My dad went into rehab and is doing brilliantly, looking better and better each day. I'm still in the same old job, but I'm off touring with some friends of mine at the back end of the year. I'd tell you who they are, but it would then become obvious who I was :P And I'm still not sure I want to show my face yet. Though, if anyone goes onto fetlife and searches me, then you'll see me in all my (albeit younger) glory. I have more of a beard now. Though, I've fashioned it to look a bit tidier. I've been a bit quiet on the hypnosis front. I hypnotised the girl mentioned earlier in this paragraph, but it was a little difficult. She's less suggestible than I thought she would be, though I could do this interesting thing Derren Brown did in one of his shows where you put her into trance whilst she's asleep. That proved extremely effective, and was quite thrilling for me to see her performing actions in her sleep, and surprisingly not remembering any of it the following morning. But still, shan't dwell on that. I don't know what's happening with her currently.

I've done a little bit of hypnosis in the past year. I hypnotised the first person I ever hypnotised again a couple of months back. I also found out, in that brief session, that she enjoys being a robot and taking orders! I left a good'un there I think! I've spent a little time looking into different inductions, though I'm still mostly using the progressive relaxation method. It still surprises me, even now, how many women I talk to seem interested in hypnosis. It just adds to me feeling a little better about myself, knowing that I'm maybe not as weird as I thought (though weird is pretty cool). One thing I'd *LOVE* to have another go at is freeze triggering and manipulating the frozen body parts into poses. I've not done that for a while and it's quite amusing to see the faces of those frozen when they're unfrozen and discovered a digit shoved up their nostril. Cindii reckons I have a mischievous grin that gives away that I've done something sneaky. I have to agree, I do. I just can't help it. I guess I'm just looking for a reaction, since that adds to the enjoyment for me. The bemused look that I get as the frozen participant finds themselves on their back, one arm and one leg in the air, the hand of said arm posing a one finger salute. I miss that rather a lot.

So, just thought I'd let you guys know I'm still alive. Cindii is still alive and enjoying herself. Tash is still alive and also enjoying herself. I hope you guys are all alive and enjoying yourself too. I can't promise I'll post loads on here, but I'll do my best to pop back from time to time and talk hypnosis and stuff. In the meantime, take care, and I'll show my mischievous face again soon!

Buh-bye for now!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Time for a Break...

I think it's best to say that I'm taking a break from all of this hypnosis stuff. It's not like I'm active in "the lifestyle" at the moment anyway. Whether this is permanent or not is something I don't know yet; the fact that Melted and I haven't spoken in about 3 weeks (because of an argument over the now-deleted blog post some of you read) makes me think that it should be permanent.

I'm a strange kind of submissive, I like being submissive but I also like having a mind of my own. I don't want to be "owned" forever or have every aspect of my life dominated by someone. For me it's strictly sexual. I like being single and flirting with guys or having short term flings with them and I don't want that being taken away from me by someone who has no control over what I do.

I love hypnosis, but over the past year or so I've noticed that it's awkward if I want to do some hypnosis when I have a boyfriend or potential boyfriend in my life. Most guys I've been with find hypnosis fascinating and don't see the situation me and Daz have negatively.

I think it's best for me to step back and let Daz do his own thing with whoever he wants. I don't feel like a priority anymore if I'm quite honest. I'm still going to be a poster on here but for now it's goodbye. Thanks to Daz for introducing me to this, to Lex and Parkey for their amazing advice over the past month or so and also thanks to everyone who reads this.


Friday, 7 May 2010

Let me know what happens...

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Monday, 3 May 2010


Since Cindii has done the kind thing and posted her side of the "Enigma" experience (i like the sound of that; Enigma Experience) then I guess I should post mine. Though I apologise, I have this weird thing where I'll go to a gig and I won't remember much of the set 'cos I was enjoying myself too much. But yeah, like Cindii said, if you're going to watch the show, then don't blame me if I spoil it. I'm not telling all, since I'm sticking with the majority of the promise we made with Derren after the show, but I can't write a blog saying "a thing happened, then another thing, then we did a thing, then we went home" so don't read if you don't want to know. Fankoo.

We were sat pretty close to the front (4th row back, right in the middle), and I humoured myself with the thought that I could spit on the stage from where I was sat. I wouldn't, since Derren would probably have brought out a mop and bucket and told me to clean it up. But anyway, me and Cindii had a bit of a chat and a laugh, and then, eventually, the show got started. I recognised bits of it from the DVD's, so some parts were predictable, but still enjoyable. The first half was scattered with jokes, unbelievable tekkers (for anyone who watches soccer am, you may understand) and ended way too quickly. I've skipped through the first part fast since I know you're probably thinking "c'mon! Get on with the trancing talk already!". Well, here we go.

Yeah, as Cindii said, Derren had informed us that there would be a trancing in the second half of the show. I didn't want to take part, so I put my fingers in my ears as instructed, and watched to see who would respond. Needless to say, when the noise started, I watched Cindii because I KNEW she would be one of those stood up, and sure enough, she was the first one standing. A few heads around me turned, but only those of the people that weren't taking part which were few. A few chuckles later, a woman (Jenny was it Cindii?) came and moved some people from the seats to her right and guided Cindii to the stage. A few more heads were turning at this point, including one "gentleman" gazing at a certain part of her anatomy. I had to fight the urge to throw something at him by reminding myself that I was in a way perving too. But yes, Cindii was guided to the stage, and Derren returned with a guy, then stood them side by side on stage, and lifted their arms in turn to demonstrate how deeply relaxed they were. It was funny watching someone other than me do that, but since it was Derren, it was acceptable. Anyway, Cindii was lead to a seat, had a smock put on her and a blindfold, and was then carefully lowered onto a chair where she sat completely still, slightly slumped, whilst Derren tried to make this guy solid like a plank of wood. I had suspicions about how responsive this man was, which were strengthened when he kept buckling whilst propped up between two posts, and when he was stood back up he went to remove his blindfold. But still, it was impressive. And then came Cindii.

Cindii was carefully guided from her chair to the other side of the stage, where Derren was stood with a table next to him that had a bottle of vinegar, a glass, tissue and as we found out at the end, some mints. He first got a member of the audience to check the authenticity of the vinegar, though I could've provided that feedback since I could smell it from where I was sat. But yes, once verified that it was potent acid, he then proceeded to pour some into the glass, which he placed in Cindii's hand and told her that she must be thirsty after the long time sat watching the show, and that she should drink, which she did. It was this point you could tell Derren saw what a good subject she was, since she near enough downed the drink, and the one time she stopped drinking, she was starting again before Derren could tell her to try some more. Quite quickly, the vinegar was gone, and he took the glass, then gave her a piece of paper and a pen to do some automatic writing. He was surprised that she started writing a number, and also surprised that it was upside down, again calling for him to praise her ability as a subject, which I knew anyway :P But a few moments later, the paper was in the envelope, Cindii had picked an audience member, and he was stood on stage counting the change in his wallet whilst Cindii returned from her deep trance state. She had a mildly shocked look on her face, coupled with the delight she'd obviously experienced meeting Derren himself, and getting a kiss from him too, and when the number on the paper matched the change in the guys pocket, everyone applauded with gasps, Cindii beamed, Derren beamed, the guy looked perplexed but amazed, and they left the stage, Derren handing Cindii 2 mints before she left and thanking her. I'll also point out that, in conversation after the show, Cindii had thought she'd picked out a woman, which we didn't want to point out to the man involved, just incase he took offence. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE FEMALE!". I know I'd take offence.

But yes, I'm not posting my picture of me with Derren, purely because it's got me in it, and I don't think the world, and more importantly me, is ready for it. But he's a gentleman, and told me my name was 1 letter off being perfect (since my name is Darren). But I'm still beaming now as I write this, just thinking about the fact I'd met one of my idols. On what it was like to see Cindii tranced by someone else, I found it interesting. I wouldn't have enjoyed it if it was one of the 'tists from the MC Forum making her undress and reveal herself to them, I've gotten kinda protective about that, but to see her in a trance like that was good. I'm more than happy to trance her for a partner or something, so long as I know them first and can trust them. I'm not letting some irresponsible goit loose with her brain if he's going to just abuse it. I've reminded her on many occasions that, even in slave mode, she can say no, even if she's programmed to say yes. Just so that she's safe. I'm digressing anyway.

We had a quick trancing session on the way back. I don't think I'll be trying it again. They should be kept seperate, so sorry Cindii, but for our safety, that won't be happening again. I did, however, put in a maid trigger so that she could sort my drink for me so that I could keep my eyes on the road. I didn't need to, but what's better than a blank, mindless maid handing you a drink in complete silence? I don't think anything is.

Anyway, just briefly in this rather long post, my ability to do hypnosis has leaked slightly in my day to day life, encouraged by me of course, so I'm slightly growing in confidence about it. At some point I may show my face, and I think you'll be surprised I'm not an overweight, hairy guy who can't get a girl to save my life so I just trance them (as that's supposedly what a hypnotist is to people on the streets, even if we all know different). I'm a sprightly(ish), slim, dark haired (yet still hairy) guy who actually doesn't look too bad. If you ignore the annoying bit beneath my chin anyway. I look more "rock" than I used to apparantly. But yeah, I'm sure Cindii or Tash will fill you in on my appearance :P It'd be interesting to hear it from their point of view *hint hint* :P But yeah, until I feel I can show my face, you'll have to make do with a description.


Friday, 30 April 2010

Derren Brown - Enigma - Cindii's Point of View

The lovely Melted and I went to go see Derren Brown: Enigma in Birmingham last night. This show is all I have been able to talk about all day!

This post is going to focus on one part of it, where I was lucky enough to be on stage with Derren himself! (it's okay to be jealous!) I must say that if you are going to see any of the Enigma shows then please do not read any more of this post as I do not want to spoil the fun or mystery for anyone, you continue reading at your own risk!

At the end of the first half he said that he would be entrancing the whole audience in the second half. Some people were not allowed to do this for health and safety reasons (i.e. back pains, pregnancy, etc). He would play a noise and said that the entrancing would make you feel weightless enough to stand up, or like you're being forced to stand up. Either way, a successful trancing resulted in standing up. He then chose people from the audience to get on stage, one of whom was me! I remember this woman called Jenny leading me out of the row (4th row!), onto the stage and sat me down in a chair after placing a blindfold and a smock on me. He had another subject on stage and did some stuff that I'm sure Melted could tell you about. Then it was my turn to be played with ;). He was talking to the audience about something, then passed me a glass full of liquid and asked me to drink it all. I drank it and it tasted like flat coke, so it was quite pleasant to drink. He took the glass from me and replaced it with a card and a pencil and asked me to write on the card (if you watched The Events, it was the technique he used with the people to guess the lottery numbers), I remember him saying that it was written upside down and it was more like a number than a letter or word. Then he led me into the audience and asked me to find someone I felt a connection to and point to them. I found someone and they followed me to the stage. Derren asked him to pull out his wallet whilst he let me awake from my trance (opening your eyes and seeing hundreds of people looking at you = bizarre!) and they started counting how much money he had on him. He had £34.97 in his wallet. Derren then asked the man to open the envelope containing what I had written...can you guess what I wrote? 3497! (albeit upside down!)

Derren asked me how I was feeling, which I could only answer with a confused noise! He asked me for my name and said that I was a great subject, what a compliment! Before I left the stage he gave me 2 mints, so I got sweeties too!

The rest of the show was amazing. I sat there in awe, partly because I was onstage with him, and because his work is fantastic!

We met him afterwards and he said that I did great and wrote it on my ticket!

So many people came up to me saying "did you know what you did?" and Melted would not let them tell me so he could tell me in the car! A woman even asked me if I had been hypnotised before, and Melted said "yes, she has." whilst I was trying to hide the fact from her!

The ride home was fun, when we figured out how to get home! Melted brought up something I had told him months ago, which was I have always wanted to be hypnotised whilst someone is driving. We tend to have a slightly nervous conversation before we get into it, and with that out the way he began. I won't go into massive detail but I've never been so aroused in a car before!

All in all it was a night I'll never forget. Thank you so much Melted for taking me, I love you loads for it. And thank you Derren for making this show one of the greatest moments I have ever experienced - I love you as well!
I'm sure Melted will go into more detail about it than I have, there's a few things he told me that I was surprised about!

Definitely go and see the show! I cannot explain how fantastic it is!


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And here's some pictures! :D
Me and Derren outside the stage door - Yum!

"Dear Lucinda, lots of love, you were great! Love, Derren Brown x"


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Because even slaves can work their way around their master...

You may have noticed a nice little thingymajig at the side which is otherwise known as a poll. I have erected this poll under the instructions of a certain person whom shall not be named, but shall be described for now as "Cindii". Please vote, as it will make her swell with some sort of smugness to know she'd weedled her way round me (like the pokemon, yno?). On my 2 cents, if things were normal then I'd vote "yes", but they're not very normal right now, because even flirting with a girl seems wrong, mainly due to the unusual way me and the ex broke up. Which is a point, I saw her yesterday, obviously trying to make me jealous (and failing might I add, since she's too much trouble to try dealing with), but she's downgraded, and the girl I was with is pretty hot, so she lost. But yes, Tashbot is a lovely girl, and I had a great time with her at the flyleaf gig a few weeks back, though I was concerned she was going to pass out since we hadn't had a drink since we left Sainsbury's at 4.30, and the gig finished at about 10.30, but I bought her and our other friend one, the least I could do.

Anyway, on the hypnosis front, I'm amazed Cindii hasn't blogged it yet. I tranced her a week or so ago on msn, though I suspect she was exhausted as her head was wobbling round a lot. She had an itchy scalp, which I put to some use by suggesting that scratching it sent a wave of pleasure round her body (and not blackpool pleasure either). It was funny seeing her scratch her head, with no idea what was happening, and then say "what have you done to me?" with a grin. I then moved the feeling to her nose, and chuckled again at the sight of her trying to subtley touch her nose without making it look too obvious. Unfortunately, it was obvious, so she failed. I also made her feel tied up, and the more she struggled, the tighter the ropes became and the more aroused she became. That was fun :P I've also done that with Tashbot, who's orgasm face is something I actually love seeing because it's adorable! Ahem... Yes... Where was I? Oh, I think that's actually pretty much all we did, since Cindii was tired, and I was trying to break myself into it again. It does remind me though...

I went for a walk last week around town, albeit with my mum so that I could buy my dad's birthday present. She went off for physio, since she had an accident earlier in the year and has been going for well over a month now, and I went off to see what I could find. A Bon Jovi guitar tab book and "The Hurt Locker" DVD later, I found myself with 50 minutes left to waste (since the whole shopping trip took me 10 minutes). I had my pokewalker on me (google if you're unfamiliar) so I decided to take a stroll and earn some points. I found myself doing laps of the town centre, before I remembered the little grass area next to the river, and the walkway there. I duly changed bearings and headed for the bridge to cross the river, and found myself walking along the opposite side of the field where me, Cindii and Tash had done some public hypnosis (public being as far away from people as possible, ensuring Cindii and Tash looked fairly normal in the process). It brought back a few memories, as did the car park since that's where I've done a few other bouts of hypnosis. It's wrong to think of it as a "hypno-park", but I remember the first girl I hypnotised, we'd took one of her friend's along with us who wanted to try, and I was nervous about showing her hypnosis, but whilst in a play area, I suddenly used my ex's sleep trigger, and made her arm rigid. Her friend was amazed, and found it great, so all was good. But yeah, it's reminded me how certain things anchor memories in your head, how one song can instantly bring up a memory, and how one place can make you laugh. Good times.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Another Hypnosis in Pop Culture Blog!

Reading the recent posts on other blogs about hypnosis in popular culture and the social taboo around mind control fetishes has made me think quite a lot. Ever since I got into hypnosis and my hypnokink was blooming I began to realise how often it is used in television, film and gaming.

I will use the quote Lex used in his post "Drugs are for losers, and hypnosis is for losers with big weird eyebrows!" (a classic quote from one of my favourites, Futurama, for those not as nerdy as myself!) In Futurama it is spoken of in a more comic context because it is a funny show, but its references to hypnosis are very satirical (Everybody loves Hypnotoad! which is a hit TV show in NNY, I wonder why?).

I honestly didn't notice the hypnosis theme in Bioshock until the character Andrew Ryan revealed all, I didn't even realise Atlas kept saying "would you kindly?" (the trigger phrase) before each request. Bioshock has completely fascinated me because you never saw the protagonist get hypnotised and the trigger made the subject feel as if he was acting under free will; I think I shall have to get Melted to apply a "would you kindly" trigger, although a "code yellow" one would not go down well!

One thing that made me write this blog was when I was with Tash earlier. We were listening to music; Britney Spears in particular (a guilty pleasure of ours, not a secret as well kept as our hypnokink!), and I noticed that she mentions hypnosis quite a lot in her songs, under the definition that the person she sings about entrances her because of lust, love, etc. I think this is all a clever disguise for her own hypnokink! Which leads me to the question, do you think many famous people like actors and singers share this fetish with us "norms"?

Hopefully we can resume our blogging about hypnosis between Tash, Melted and myself. I think some has been arranged for sometime this month so stay posted!